Saturday, October 18, 2014

Unpolished (Assignment)

When I was in high school I once used my sister's clear nail polish . Not the most observant girl back in those days, I enjoyed putting the polish on, but completely forgot I was wearing it. That is, until I was sitting at lunch at school the next day and saw that my nails seemed to be ...quite a bit more reflective than I remembered. As far as I know, not one noticed my nuanced femininity and instilled some confidence in me to be a bit more bold with my sissydom.

Today your inner sissy will be a bit more bold, but it may be difficult. Assignments where you have to not do something can be the hardest of all. Sissies tend to be very easy to arouse sexually and many cum very easily (that is why it's never a bad idea for a mistress to invest in a chastity cage - if only to use a few hours at a time). But let's get started!

You'll need to find a pale or light-colored nail polish (although daring sissies can certainly go darker). I suggest a light pink, nude or light red.

And paint your nails - toes and fingers, left and right. You're only using one layer, so make sure it's smooth and covers the whole nail bed, but doesn't smear onto your cuticle or fingertip. This assignment will naturally be easier if you're adept with your polish and don't get it all over your cuticles (perhaps if you've given yourself a pedicure before). Let it dry. Read some Elle or take some quizzes.

Once the lacquer is dry be sure to get plenty of girl use out of your effort. Wiggle your fingers and toes. Look at how lovely they look when they're painted. How they shimmer and shine with glossy perfection. Just think - you're doing something that only girls and aspiring girls ever do!

The one thing you must not do is stroke your clitty.

Once you're done admiring vibrant femininity, get 1 (one!) nail polish remover pad. If you don't have pads take one cotton ball or paper towel. Soak it with as much remover as you like, but then cap your remover and get rid of it. Make it as inaccessible as you can to try to help dissuade your cowardly masculine side from ruining your sissy's improvement.

That is all the remover you get - so make it count. Remove as much nail polish as you can (unless you're a very pro-sandal sissy, I recommend starting with your fingers). Very anxious sissies may want to completely avoid their toes to get as much from their fingers as possible.

Naturally the pad will not be able to get all of the polish (obviously that is the point, sissy!). You'll likely be left with small flecks of nail polish around the edge of your cuticles (bold sissies that have much more on their fingers might be better off just redoing their polish and playing off their colored nails as a dare :D ). But don't worry - most people won't be observant enough to notice that you've got the remnants of a sissy lifestyle shimmering all over your nails.

This is obviously not the most classy look. As a beauty-conscious sissy you'll either want to re-paint your nails or clean them completely tomorrow.

Alternatively: sissies can try clear nail polish without any remover.